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Custom Maps and Graphics for Historical and Scholarly Publications
(Chiefly North Carolina and the Southeast)
by Michael T. Southern

A good map gives geographic context to any topic and may be essential to the reader's understanding of the relationships of places, natural features, cultural features, events, and/or phenomena under consideration. A map tailored for a specific text and appropriately scaled to the size of the publication enables the reader to look and say, "yes, I see."

 Southern Specialty Maps offers a wide range of mapping and graphic art services for scholarly books, journals,dissertations, and theses. Visit the services and samples pages for an overview.

A portion of the map of Cherry Hill Plantation and
environs, in The House Marina Built: Cherry Hill, A Plantation House and Its Family, by Catherine W. Bishir, 2004.
See complete map in the samples.

A small portion of a map prepared for "The Roads of Madison
County" by Sam Gray, appearing in May We All Remember
Well, Vol. II
(2001), edited by Robert S. Brunk.
See complete map in the samples.
Maps are everywhere. Why can't I just adapt an existing map for my purposes? Standard published maps or portions thereof are rarely useful for reproduction in books and journals. Their scale cannot be adjusted to the required format and remain legible; they contain irrelevant information that obscures the subject at hand; they lack critical information specific to the topic; their graphic qualities fail to properly organize the relative importance of places and features appropriate for the topic; and they lack an "anchor" that places the area shown within a broader geographic context known to the reader. Most are protected by copyright. A properly executed map reads easily at a small scale, provides all necessary information, and controls graphic values to emphasize essential places or ideas.

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