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Michael Southern
1819 White Oak Road
Raleigh NC 27608
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Michael T. Southern is a 1973 graduate in Art History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Since 1974 he has worked as an architectural historian for the State Historic Preservation Office, N.C. Office of Archives and History. He is coauthor with colleagues of three field guides to the historic architecture of North Carolina published by the UNC Press between 1996 and 2003. Click here for more information about the guides. Southern prepared all the maps for the guides, and has since provided maps and drawings for over 40 other books and articles by other authors.

Major Awards:

Books with Maps and Other Graphics by Michael Southern

 University of North Carolina Press

Eubanks, Georgann.  Literary Trails of the North Carolina Mountains: A Guidebook. 22 maps

________________. Literary Trails of the North Carolina Piedmont: A Guidebook. 20 maps.

Baker, Ellen R. On Strike and On Film: Mexican American Families and Blacklisted Filmmakers in Cold War America. 2 maps of New Mexico.

French, Jan Hoffman. Legalizing Identities: Becoming Black or Indian in Brazil’s Northeast. 2 maps

Harland-Jacobs, Jessica L. Builders of Empire: Freemasons of British Imperialism, 1717-1927 – 1 map and 1 chart

Hsieh, Wayne Wei-siang. West Pointers and the Civil War: The Old Army in War and Peace. 4 maps of Mexican War and Civil War campaigns.

Hudson, Angela Pulley. Creek Paths and Federal Roads: Indians, Settlers, and Slaves and the Making of the American South. 4 maps.

Kelley, Mary, and Robert A. Gross, editors. A History of the Book in America. Volume 2: An Extensive Republic: Print, Culture, and Society in the New Nation, 1790-1840. 8 charts.

Little, M. Ruth. The Town and Gown Architecture of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1795-1975. 13 maps.

Margariti, Roxani Eleni. Aden and the Indian Ocean Trade: 150 Years in the Life of a Medieval Arabian Port .  4 maps & 2 figures.

McIlvenna, Noeleen.  A Very Mutinous People: The Struggle for North Carolina, 1660-1713.  2 eastern NC maps

McLaurin, Melton A.. The Marines of Montford Point: America’s First Black Marines.  4 maps, Camp Lejeune and Pacific campaigns in WW II.  

Miles, Tiya. The House on Diamond Hill: A Cherokee Plantation Story. 1 map.

Montgomery, Michael, and Ellen Johnson. The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture – Volume5: Language. 4 maps

Whisnant, Anne Mitchell. Super-Scenic Motorway: A Blue Ridge Parkway History. 6 maps

Ray, Celeste, editor. The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture – Volume 6: Ethnicity. SE Indians, Africa, 3 maps

Simpson, Bland. The Inner Islands: A Carolinian’s Sound Country Chronicle. 3 maps of north, central, and south NC coast.

Yellin, Jean Fagan. The Harriet Jacobs Family Papers. 1 map of Jacobs’ speaking tour itinerary in New York.

Walden, Michael L. North Carolina in the Connected Age: Challenges and Opportunities in a Globalizing Economy. 9 figures (no maps)

Cornell University Press

Bittner, Stephen V.. The Many Lives of Khrushchev’s Thaw: Experience and Memory in Moscow's Arbat .  1 map, Arbat neighborhood in Moscow

Burnham, Louisa A.. So Great a Light, So Great A Smoke: The Beguin Heretics of Languedoc.  2 maps

Henry, Laura A. Red to Green: Environmental Activism in Post-Soviet Russia. 1 map.

Symes, Carol. Theater and Public Life in Medieval Arras (2007). Maps of City of Arras and France. 2 maps

South Dakota Historical Society

Wilson, Jerry. Waiting for Coyote's Call: An Eco-Memoir from the Missouri River Bluff. 1 map- Upper Midwest

Talbott, Starley. Along the Grapevine Trail: Vineyards and Wineries in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska. 4 maps

Julin, Suzanne Barta.  A Marvelous Hundred Square Miles: Black Hills Tourism, 1880-1941.  2 maps: South Dakota state map and the Black Hills.

Lawson, Michael L.  Dammed Indians Revisited: The Continuing History of the Pick-Sloan Project and the Missouri River Sioux. 2 maps. Missouri River basin and Indian reservations/river impoundments in ND, SD, and NE.

Eastern Washington University

Conover, Sarah, and Chen Hui. Harmony: A Treasury of Chinese Wisdom for Children and Parents.  1 color map of China.

Johns Hopkins University Press

Lansford, Tyler. The Latin Inscriptions of Rome: A Walking Guide. 16 maps, one of Rome and the others of neighborhoods in Rome showing the locations of inscriptions.

University of Georgia Press

Eelman, Bruce W. Entrepreneurs in the Southern Upcountry: Commercial Culture in Spartanburg, South Carolina, 1845-1880. 2 maps

University of Virginia Press

Little, Margaret Ruth. Coastal Cottage: A Personal History of the Piazza House. 1 map.

Archives & History Publications

Knapp, Richard F., and Brent D. Glass. Gold Mining in North Carolina: A Bicentennial History. 1 map.

Preservation North Carolina

Bishir, Catherine W. The Bellamy Mansion.


Bishir, Catherine W. The House Marina Built: Cherry Hill, A Plantation House and its Family (2004). Privately printed.

Bishir, Catherine W.. "Jacob W. Holt, An American Builder," Winterthur Portfolio (Spring, 1980), reprinted in Catherine W. Bishir, Southern Built: American Architecture, Regional Practice (2006).

Gray, Sam. The Roads of Madison County, in May We All Remember Well, edited by Robert Brunk. One color map of Madison County and part of Buncombe County.

Kentucky Park regions – for Kentucky Parks System brochure.

Architectural Surveys:

The series by Catherine Bishir, Michael Southern, and Jennifer Martin, published by the UNC Press 1996-2003, all with many county, city, and regional maps:

A Guide to the Historic Architecture of Eastern North Carolina (1996)
A Guide to the Historic Architecture of Western North Carolina (1999
A Guide to the Historic Architecture of Piedmont North Carolina (2003)

 County/municipal architectural surveys:

Duplin County (Jennifer Martin)- county map
Hyde County (Claudia Roberts Brown, Diane Lea, Dan Pezzoni) - county map
Watauga County (Dan Pezzoni et al) - county map
Warren County (Ken McFarland) - map of Raleigh & Gaston Railroad
Chapel Hill (M. Ruth Little) - town map and multiple neighborhood maps
Greene County (Penne Sandbeck) - county map
Halifax County (Dru York et al) -  3 drawings;  two floor plans and one framing drawing