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Please note that the samples shown here are by necessity low resolution jpeg images to be viewed in their entirety on your computer screen. The original maps have sharp lines, smooth fills, and clear and fully legible text.

The map was prepared for The House Marina Built: Cherry Hill, A Plantation House and Its Family, by Catherine W. Bishir, published 2004 by the Cherry Hill Historical Foundation. (Available from Preservation North Carolina.) Book size 8" x 8".

This map is a good example of a specialized small map tailored to a specific topic, in this case the antebellum plantation world around Inez and Cherry Hill plantation in southern Warren and neighboring counties. The map shows the relationships of the plantations discussed in the text to each other and to the major creeks, principal roads, towns, and the railroad. Road numbers enable a traveler to actually use the map to drive by sites discussed. An inset shows the area covered on the map in relation to the broader region and towns known to the reader. The map is clean and legible at the small scale of the book.