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Please note that the samples shown here are by necessity low resolution jpeg images to be viewed in their entirety on your computer screen. The original maps have sharp lines, smooth fills, and clear and fully legible text.

Regional map:  North Carolina's Central Coast.

Limited area map showing parts of three counties: Cherry Hill and Environs, Warren and neighoring counties.

Multi-county map showing route of a railroad: Raleigh & Gaston Railroad, with connecting lines.

General County maps: Duplin County showing townships

Color county map of adjacent multiple counties, with data specific to an article topic: Madison and part of Buncombe County, showing evolution of transportation networks.

Map of a specific roadway with connecting roads and associated towns and features: A portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway

A new map adapted from a documentary map, with a tip-of-the-hat to the graphic qualities of the original: Ashe County, N.C. in 1936.

Town map with data specific to a research topic: Downtown Wilmington with sites associated with the Bellamy Mansion.

Regional map: Piedmont North Carolina, showing early congregation formation and settlement patterns.

Site plans for National Register nominations:  Montrose and Magnolia Grove.

Schematic Drawings: Log House Form and Plan Types, Log Notching Types