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A map has one purpose -- to convey geographic information about a place or a topic. The most elegant maps present complex information cleanly and simply, with economy of line and typeface, and without extraneous graphics.

What you need to give me to enable me to give you an estimate and create your map(s):

Some clients provide me with a base map of some sort (it can be of any size or scale) with the critical sites or locations relevant to their topic roughly marked on it. Alternatively, once you give me the geographic range and I create a general map to your scale, you can mark it up, and we'll work back and forth by email or fax until you have what you want.

Additional Services

I know North Carolina intimately, and also know my way around the State Archives. If you are willing to pay for my time, I will do research in the historic map collection in the Archives or provide other related research. I will make field inspections of sites on your map if you desire and will pay me for my time and travel.

I'm something of an artist (if I do say so myself) and will do other types of graphics: schematic drawings, charts, graphs, etc.

What I Don't Do

I don't do large folding maps. The largest map I will make is ledger size, 11" x 17". I mostly work in the opposite direction -- taking a large map and working it down to a scale that will fit in a book, journal, or dissertation and still contain the essential information and remain legible.

I don't design brochures or the like. I'll make a small map to drop into a brochure that someone else is designing.

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